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The vampire diaries

I know it's not Japanese and nothing like what I usually post but lots of people have been looking for it so...

Download The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3PF05XEW

Or watch The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 1 online:

A little announcment

Forget about everything I wrote.
My timer contacted me, everything's fine...
But, The projects will still be canceled.
IS is almost finished airing, and somebody else already subbed Kingyo Club.
I'm sorry that we're such a lousy group but things come up, that's life.

We will update as soon as we decide on a new project (hopefully one that won't be taken already by another group  )
So until then, 

Well...since my timer disappeared   all projects will be put on hold 
I really am sorry because I don't know how long will it take to complete what we started.
Toriaezu, IS is fine because another group's subbing it (besides it's almost the end of the drama)
And Kingyo Club...Well hopefully my timer will contact me sometime soon or I'll find another timer.


Jiu episode 6 RAW [Megaupload]

I know it's not subbed but I downloaded it for myself so I thought I'd post it anyway.
Jiu episode 6 RAW http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B1IH1TDC

I got a hell of a shock after watching this episode.

New drama!Kingyo Club [English subs]

I saw that nobody is subbing Kingyo Club so we will. There is no Japanese script for it so all translations are done directly by me. You can download the RAW over here http://asiancinematic.com/Japanese-Dramas/Kingyo-Club.html   

Some info:

Title: Kingyo Club
Also Known As: 金魚倶楽部 / Kingyo Club
Genre: Romance, Drama
Network: NHK
Episodes: 10
Release Date: 2011-July-23 start
Air time (JST): Saturday 23:30
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Country: Japan
Episode Length: Around 20 minutes.


Irie plays Hiiragi Haru, a third-year high school student with no real interest in women or higher education, instead choosing to live his life idly. When he notices a first-year student named Harukawa Koto being bullied, he lends her a hand, and the two form a “goldfish club” just for themselves. While love begins to bloom between them, the bullying against Koto continues to escalate. 

Main Cast
-Irie Jingi as Hiiragi Haru
-Kariya Yuiko as Harukawa Koto
-Mizuno Erina as Kida Kayoko
-Yoshizawa Ryo as Yanagihashi Sho
-Kurihara Goro as Motoi Takaya

English subtitles:[KotaTsuFS]
Updates: Episodes 1-4 are already translated, 2 is completely ready and released, 1 still needs timing to be fixed.And 3-4 also need timing. We are working hard to release them as fast as possible so please be patient.
-All of the translations are done by me, timing is divided between me and Sitane.(note, I'm not a great timer so the subs timed by me might not be as accurate)

A few RULES:
-Do NOT take our subs and claim they are yours.
-If you wish to use our subs to translate to another language, please ask us first.
-Please leave a comment if you take the subs.

Episode 1- Timing needs fixing
Episode 2-http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HQLR6MNC
Episode 3
Episode 4
Hey guys, EP 5 is ready and so will 1-3 really soon.

We just need to fix the timing and the series will be officially released.

A huge huge thanks to whoever is posting the Japanese subs on D-addicts they made my life so much easier.

Will try to post episodes 1~3 as soon as possible.And then I'll make a post of all of them together so it'll be easier to find them.

Thanks a lot to our timers, and thanks for supporting us.

Download IS ~otoko demo onna demo nai sei~ episode 5 english subs

Also wanted to put hilcrhyme's "Personal color" PV if you haven't seen it yet.
Personally I love this song.Especially this part:
        I am sometimes jealous of people
I'm thinking why are they like that and I'm like this?
But comparing myself with somebody else is just stupid.
The only thing you can do is be yourself.right?

-Not uploaded by me, just found it on YouTube 


A few announcments

Hey everyone and thank you for visiting.v(=∩_∩=)
I got a few complaints about how rude it is to sub a drama that another group is also doing.
BUT I found out that it's ok if I sub the drama form the beginning, so we will release ep 1-3 soon as well, and continue subbing it.

-I will not delete ep 4 that I already subbed because it'll be a waste.
-Ep 4 was just retimed so the timing is fine now.
And that brings me to the 2nd matter...
And that is the first addition to the group that will do the timing sitane .
So now we have me as a translator and sitane as the timer.
Already more of a group.

That's pretty much it.
Please continue supporting us!!
これからも応援よろしくお願いします☆m(_ _)m 
So, after a long looooooooong break I'm back again and I think about subbing again.
So I thought I'd post the subs for the currently airing IS~otoko demo onna demo nai sei~ IS 〜男でも女でもない性〜
Yes I know another group is subbing it but they didn't have ep 4 yet so I was bored and subbed it.
Didn't mean to take anybody else job so if the people who sub it now want me to stop, just say so.

The subs are soft subs, like usual.
I took the original Japanese subs from d addicts that helped A LOT.
So thanks to the people that upload them.

Retimed by 
sitane that did a great job.
So the timing's fine, added a couple more fixes...
The subs are officially released.

So hope you can  tell me what you think. 

Download IS~otoko demo onna demo nai sei~ Episode 4- English soft subs.

little announcement

Since TimeLesSub is subbing Deep love, I have decided that there is no point for me to continue subbing it.
And since i still can't find timers, no actual projects for now.T^T
BUT, if somebody wants to time them, I will post the translations of the latest dramas.
First project decided!!^o^ 
やっとできたぁo_ _)oパタ (o- -)oムクッ (o^▽゜)oニパッ (o_△_)oゴロン ( v゜▽゜)o イエーイ♪
There was a 'little' change of plans.
I wanted to start subbing 'love game' and 'deep love~ayu no monogatari~  ' but i found out i suck at timing^^;
It took me quite a while to start subbing again(almost a year>.<) but here it is:
【DEEP LOVE~ayu no monogatari~ Episode 5, with English softsubs】
【DEEP LOVE~アユの物語~ 第5話 英語字幕】

Download the RAW episode here from multiupload.
(Or [info]here  from mediafire, credits go to
zires for the upload!!)

And download the English softsubs(made by me) here.

A few notes:
- this is the first time i ever subbed ANYTHING , so i bet there are a lot of mistakes.
-I noticed some of these mistakes myself; there are a few rows in the drama when the subs dont show, i don't know why, because i wrote them just like all of the other parts, but i still didn't figure a way to fix this, so until then...
-I am pretty sure that i have some mistakes with English grammar in the subs, but i hope you can understand them.
-there might be some problems with the timing(as I said...I suck at it:P)
-leave a comment if you download. as you can see, my site is pretty much empty right now, so a few comments would be really appreciated!!^o^
-DO NOT take the subs and claim they are yours!!it took me hours to work on them....T^T
-I don't know how long(let's hope it won't be a year again:P) will it take me to sub the rest of the episodes but i will do my best!


I am currently looking for a timer, I can do all of the translations myself but i am lost without someone that can do the timing!!
If you can time subs i really hope we could work together because it will make the process much faster  and subs will be released faster.

well that's pretty much it^^;
hope you will enjoy it!!



Welcome!!!to KotaTsuFS!!!
Little introduction^^:
-I will be softsubbing different Japanese drama/movies(new&old) that weren't subbed yet.
-I will mostly be uploading to Megaupload, if you want me to upload to MF/rapidshare...ask me.I'll see what I can do.
-I know both English and Japanese but I can still have mistakes, if you notice any mistakes in my subs please let me know!!!
-The translations are not literal.In other words it means that not always the exact words said in the drama are exactly the same meaning in English (if that makes any sense).
-I'm open to requests & suggestions, if you want any drama/movie subbed let me know.(i won't be able to sub everything, of course)
-Even though i only work with softsubs(do not request hardsubs please) and it's easier, it still takes time(i need to get the RAW, start translating, make the subs etc...so it's still a lot of work)so please be patientt!!(i also might be busy too) 

So.....that's pretty much it^o^ よろしくお願いしまぁーす!!m(∩_∩)m